The Shape of  Sound

pencil and charcoal on paper, variable dimension, 10 x 10 cm each single drawing, 2018


translation into a visual form of the sound recorded during some walks in the surroundings  of Digne-les-Bains during an art residency at Cairn centre d’art. Each drawing represents a sound: my steps on the stones, my steps on the earth, different birdsongs, dog’s bark, the waterfall rushing etc. etc. Photos François-Xavier Emery, Beppe Gernone.



En un éclair 

performance by Gustavo Frigerio



link to the  video: En un éclair  


En un éclair was performed on 28 September 2018 at the Cairn Art Center, Digne les-Bains, France during the opening of the show WORLD TELL ME EVERYTHING. TRANSCRIPTION EXERCICES, by Mariateresa Sartori.
It is a figurative transcription of the pulsating rhythms present in Sartori’s work, performed in the dark and transformed into a luminous dance.