Teaching is a fundamental part of my artistic practice. I use the Betty Edwards method, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, which springs from the same neuroscientific presuppositions that feed my artistic research. Being able to concretely test a theoretical model that is based both on the neurological study of the brain and on empirical study is extremely interesting. These students are absolute beginners, some of them no longer young, who tackle drawing and then painting. Teaching is also a privileged observation point from which to view human behavioural dynamics: it allows me to witness the progressive birth of a class that initially presents itself as an agglomeration of individuals who are very different from one another in terms of age, social status and education. I can observe the spirit or soul of that particular class, which is determined by those individuals and that particular combination. It is the theme of variations within a system, of how these variations create and mould the system and how the system, by absorbing the variations, creates something new, unique and inimitable each time.  I owe a lot of my works to this privileged observation post: some of my videos have been created thanks to the openness and generosity of my students, to whom I am extremely grateful.

Students’ Works