The Time of Sound. Waves

The Time of Sound. Waves

charcoal on paper, 380 x 660 cm, 2019, Galleria Doppelgaenger, Bari 

site specific work: below images of the work installed  at the  Cairn Centre d’art Digne-les-Bains, at the  Fondazione Querini Stampalia Venezia, 2019, and at the  Galleria Doppelgaenger, Bari, 2019. Phots by François-Xavier Emery, Michele Alberto Sereni, Beppe Gernone.

Translation of the sound of the sea waves in real time. I sit on the beach of Lido Venice with a paper and a charcoal. I press the charcoal on the paper following the sound of the waves. I am just a seismograph recording the sound variations of the waves trying to achieve an impossible mechanical objectivity.

Dire il tempo. Mariateresa Sartori, italian/english book, critical texts by Chiara Bertola and Sergio Risaliti

Dire il tempo. Mariateresa Sartori