Exhibition view Caterina Morigi Mariateresa Sartori, Galleria Studio G7, Bologna, 2022, curated by  Laura Lamonea, photo Alessandro Flamingo 


Evidence of Breath, 2022, each paper  30 x 30 cm, breath, charcoal powder,  pigments and glue on cotton paper, photo Alessandro Flamingo 

The breath creates a micro-world by mixing with matter. An invisible phenomenon is given evidence. By manifesting itself, it acquires concreteness and truth, giving it the dignity of a thing. The breath makes itself evident and also the surface on which it exhales, becoming one with the surface itself.
The spherical shape is not random: the beginning or end of the curve is not discernible, something special can happen at any point, circularity is beginning and end together, potentiality in its first state.

Emanuela Zanon in: Juliet, 23 May 2022: Mariateresa Sartori Caterina Morigi, about breath and lava