C Infinite, Loop, 2022, recording of a recorded radio sound

      1. Do infinito


Technically, these are fragments of chest C emitted by opera singers. These are recordings taken from the radio that I re-recorded to get the effect of distant, somewhat croaky sound of distant radio.

Having gone through the double recording shifts the emphasis from bel canto, the singing qualities of which we are no longer able to perceive, to the emission of sound, of human breath, and, since it is C di petto, the performative and assertive effort as a manifestation of power is evident, more than other notes.

The succession of C chest notes sung by different tenors proceeds in an ascending scale of tightness, that is, of duration in time and volume: the intent is to move gradually and almost inadvertently from an emission that expresses power, boldness, courage and heroism together, to a sound that is tinged with urgency, anguish, helplessness, gradually becoming a cry of alarm.

It is a succession without pause, without silence, eliminating the phase of inhaling air: everything becomes infinite emission, beyond time, leading to a place that has no beginning and no end: the work goes in a continuous cycle, just as it is proposed at the Studio G7 Gallery in Bologna. The sound source is hidden, the sound comes from nowhere, in a continuous crescendo and diminuendo, seamless.

Chigiana Radio Arte, talk with Federico Fusj, Mariateresa Sartori and Laura Lamonea on C Infinite,  5 August 2022


      2. Chigiana radioarte VII 2022, talk - Federuci Fusj - Mariateresa Sartori - Laura Lamonea