The Sound of Dante, digital version, Italian institute of Culture of New York

The Pathetic Ones, video installation,  Cyfest-ferment, HayArt, Yerevan, Armenia,  October 2022, curated by Elena Gubanova and Anna Frants


The Sound of Language,  sound work, Oratorio di San Filippo, Musica Insieme, Bologna Moderna, Bologna, 1 December 2022, invited by  Fabio Sperandio

The Sound of Language, sound installation, Habibi Kiosk, Muenchner Kammerspiel, Monaco, 2023, curated by Gina Penzkofer

Platea, solo show, Palazzo Galeano, Lodi, curated by Carlo Orsini, 2023/2024

New Wind, sound installation,  group show: Presi per incantamento, Centre de création contemporaine Olivier Debré à Tours France / CCC OD, curated by Isabelle Reiher and Chiara Bertola,  2024

New Wind, sound installation, group show: Presi per Incantamento, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma, 2024